Exclude mobile menu while using js delayed

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Exclude mobile menu while using js delayed

I am currently trying to load java script delayed on a clients website and it seems the mobile menu and image slides fail to work. I know js executes till after user interaction but still the mobile menu still fails to work. I am trying to exclude the files but I cant seem to locate these files. Using litespeed cache Js minify and Css minify and combine are off Any help? The page I need help with: https://primebeauty.store Hi, the simplest way , as your site only have handful of JS files , just copy paste all the links , save them into the defer JS exclude list , purge all , see if it works and if it works , try remove them one by one , narrow down it to the correct one Best regards, Thanks for the support but i tried and it doesnt work. When i try js defered it works but i dont know why js delayed doesnt. Hi, what was the file names you used to exclude ? you may also need to exclude the inline JS Best regards,