Exclude language slug from CCSS and UCSS

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Exclude language slug from CCSS and UCSS

Hello, Im not sure if its a bug or if it needs to have a separate function for it. I have this use case where we have 16 languages. For example: https://chaga.shop/en/products/ https://chaga.shop/pt/products/ https://chaga.shop/es/products/ https://chaga.shop/fr/products/ ? And all are the same, but LiteSpeed creates a separated UCSS and CCSS for each language slug. I have CCSS Per URL false and it is not respected, therefore every time we need to clear the cache we have more than 500 requests for UCSS/CCSS which takes a long time and also slows the website. Report Number: RUTCFZCI Really thank you. perhaps this will help @CacheCrawler thank youIt helps little bit but still, the ideal would be for it to ignore the language slug. I added it on Github so it can be used for a feature request https://github.com/litespeedtech/lscache_wp/issues/460 thanks, since you have github issue already for the developers to think about it , I will close this topic then