Exclude URL not workimg

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Exclude URL not workimg

Hi! I have a compatibility problem with plugin GTranslate. Is used to translate pages via a service. The thing is that it uses its own cache, that im unable to disable, and its seems to have problems with minimization. So, im trying to avoid LiteSpeed to cache or optimize those URLs. Example: https://www.tufuturaempresa.es/ru/ https://www.tufuturaempresa.es/en/ https://www.tufuturaempresa.es/de/ https://www.tufuturaempresa.es/fr/ so i have added in the Cache -> Exclude the following: /ru/ /en/ /fr/ /de/ ^en/ ^de/ ^fr/ ^ru/ But nothing seems to work, x-litespeed-cache is always miss or hit in any URL under those languages. I guess is a notation problem ? Any clue? Thanks! Hi, Did you purge after you change it ? and please provide the report number , you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed Best regards, Hi, yes, I press purge all after every change. The report id is: REKGTBJI Im trying to figure out whats the problema but right now i have no idea. It seems to me that GTranslate is caching css and js filenames. When I purge from LiteSpeed those files disappear or change name, and a 404 error appear, so the page is shown without any style. But im unable to clear GTRanslate cache ? it seems it reset itself every 24h ? you can add ?dynamic to any URL to bypass it. If I do so, works. example: https://www.tufuturaempresa.es/wp-content/litespeed/cssjs/fb218.css?3a453 ?> 404. Actually i have disable css and js minimization. If you are logged into WP, everything works, i guess because cache is not enable? Regards yeah , if you have additional cache layer , you need to turn off JS CSS min/combine , otherwise these files will give issue Ok, i will givi it a try. If i want to exclude these URLS https://www.tufuturaempresa.es/ru/ ? https://www.tufuturaempresa.es/en/ ? https://www.tufuturaempresa.es/de/ ? https://www.tufuturaempresa.es/fr/ ? do I have to put it like this in the exclude fields? /ru/ /en/ /fr/ /de/ or ?. ^en/ ^de/ ^fr/ ^ru/ Regards /ru/ /en/ /fr/ /de/ should be enough. Okay, will give a try and wait until GTranslate refresh the cache to see if its working. Happy holidays! Regards