Exclude URI on the cache tab also stops the resources from being combined

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Exclude URI on the cache tab also stops the resources from being combined

Hi, We are using litespeedcache on a Litespeed server which works great. However, because of some dynamic content (depending on country of the user), we need to have a page excluded from the cache. I used the Excludes tab on the Cache section of the setting. It works (not cached), however I also found that the combining of the css files and js files are bypassed. What we would have wanted, is for the page to be excluded from caching, but the static resources are still combined. Did I miss a setting somewhere, or is this how its supposed to work? The page I need help with: https://www.knowledgetrain.co.uk/arlo-test-page the page you provided , I can still see x-litespeed-cache hit how exactly did you exclude it ? Hi Qtwrk, thank you and I am sorry about this. I was testing the page performance with and without the excluding to see the impact. I have now excluded the URL in the Cache settings. Please try again if you can. Thank you! Jay Please can we put this on hold. I believe our solution would be the cookie cache vary or the ESI which we will investigate. Thank you! Awesome plugin by the way. Hi, cookie vary should be easier and faster solution , ESI will require some PHP coding skill
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