Error in redirect when a relevanssi search is performed

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Error in redirect when a relevanssi search is performed

Hi, Im struggling with an issue for the last few days that is pin-pointing to litespeed-cache plugin. Searching for the term diptyque on our site its generating an error page with this message: There has been a critical error on this website . In error log the message is: 09-Dec-2021 12:27:50 UTC] PHP Recoverable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/madisonp/public_html/wp-content/plugins/litespeed-cache/src/control.cls.php on line 499. This is the code around line 499: This is the debug log from litespeed-cache plugin: If we use Relevanssi search in admin panel, so no cache involved everything is going great. So it seems that it is related to some kind of conflict with the cache plugin. Strangely, it only happens for this specific term. If a partial term search is performed, everything work smooth. Could you provide some assistance on this issue? Thanks Alex The page I need help with: Hi, Alex, Thanks for reaching out. I just checked the site and confirmed the issue. It looks like the root cause of this problem is coming from the search engine logic. For this specific string the redirect process generates WP_ERROR as $location which is passed to the line 499 and caused the error. I suggest you to check the search engine related site settings, to see why it gives such WP_ERROR. From your pages, the string DIPTYQUE is the first word of the names of your first products(or you may know more about the special part of that string). You may change it to some other strings and then test to see if the problematic string changes correspondingly. This could verify the root cause of the issue. Since this is a very corner case, if you still could not figure it out on your own, you can create a ticket with us and we may give you a hand with further access. Best regards, Abe Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately I dont know how to check the search engine related site settings, to see why it gives such WP_ERROR . Were using Relevanssi as the search engine. We first raised this issue to them and while analyzing the roots of the problem we discovered that it is related to the litespeed module. The Relevanssi search has an admin search option (in the admin area, without any cache involved) and while using this search option there is no error. I investigated the suggestion regarding diptyque being a term used as the first word for products. It actually is fot just a few products, as it happens for other brand words. I even changed that products name in order to eliminate the possible issue. It changes nothing. I really have no idea what to do further. Any assistance is welcomed. Thanks Alex Hi, Alex, If thats the way please open a ticket here and we can further investigate: Best regards, Abe