Enabling ESI? & Delay in GPT Ads display/rendering

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Enabling ESI? & Delay in GPT Ads display/rendering

Hello, Here is my Report number: GYUQRMAC I have a few queries 1. I have tried a number of combinations after reading across the web but my Ads render after atleast 1-3 seconds. If the ads dont appear quickly, the entire exercise of publication proves to be futile. Kindly guide. 2. My website is a news portal and I do not have subscribers. After reading about ESI, I am a bit confused if the function would be helpful for my web portal. 3. Everytime I enable Guest Optimization, the site freezes so much so that I am unable to access the admin panel. Also if you could suggest settings that could speed up the entire experience. Hope I could get some tips that could help me optimizing the site Thank You NJ n.b: The above mentioned link is just a sample, the query if for the entire portal. The page I need help with: https://www.glamsham.com/ott/web-review/web-series-review-jugaadistan Hi, 1) looks to me it loads in same sequence with or without plugin 2) no , ESI should be more appropriate to use on private content 3) how exactly does it freezes ? best regards, Hi, Thanks for the clarifications 1 & 2. As for freezing I meant, when I get into the home page, it might open up slowly and then from there however much I try to click into any other link/page it wouldnt go. Thank You NJ if you use default setting , with ESI OFF , and only enable guest optm , how does that go ? Hi, Until now I have NEVER enabled ESI and it still is OFF Also when ONLY Guest Mode is ON and Guest Optimization is OFF, there is no freezing or I should say, things work fine. The problem is when I put Guest Optimization ON, that the site freezes. Thank you NJ I wonder how it freezes ? please create a ticket by mail to support at litespeedtech.com with reference link to this topic we will investigate further.
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