Eliminate Render blocking resources

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Eliminate Render blocking resources

Hi, Even with all CSS optimisation ON I still have some issue regarding TBT and render blocking ressources. When I deactivate Combine CSS I can see CSS files that are render blocking. How can I fix this ? Thanks for your help, Samuel Combining does what it says, it combines, but doesnt reduce the amount of data. To reduce the amount of css you can only try to use UCSS, but UCSS can cause other issues, but give it a try. Hi, UCSS is breaking my website unless I deactivated Combine CSS? Ive been working on your plugin all day long, trying hundreds of combination, hundreds of emptying cache, hundreds of looking at page speed results? And what I see is that your Defer JS is not deferring anything. I had to manually add a script to add rel= defer to different JS files? This is a mess. @samlaflam I dont know what you did and why you have trouble, but defer feature works in any case. You say that you have added defer attribute manually, but the way you did is is wrong. Simple defer without anything else activates defer loading and not rel=defer, so before you complain anything please check html specification: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Attributes/rel @CacheCrawler Im really sorry I made a mistake in my explanation (Im very tired), I obviously didnt use the rel , I did use the correct syntax But most of all, Im sorry to have dared to criticize your plugin. Of course your plugin works perfectly and Im the problem, so please would you be so kind as to help an idiot understand where he made a big mistake? I have all JS options activated as you can see it here : https://snipboard.io/lLojrN.jpg But reports show lots of JS that are not deferred or asynced as you cans see here : https://snipboard.io/B5nuNX.jpg Thanks for your kindness PS : Ive removed the manually added script for the performance test It would be more helpful if you would provide us with a link to your page and btw. this is not my plugin. I am user like you, but with a bit more knowledge and experience. Ok thanks for your explanation, I will open a ticket to the proper LS support then. Have a very nice day @samlaflam You have just to wait. Plugin support will support you asap.