Elementor edit issue

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Elementor edit issue

Hi, LiteSpeed is truely amazing, but I had the same issue others has also dealing with while activating LiteSpeed.The Edit with Elementor button was disappeared. Although I disactived Litespeed, the link between Elementor page builder and Elementor Library seem to been unlinked. I need to reselect the original template to make them linked again. I tried several times and it works the same. Im not a programmer, I cant figure out how to fix it with code function. Hope your help! Huge Thanks. please provide the report number you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed Okay. The report num is LQJNQFSE. Thx what happens if you disable ESI ? sorry, my mistake? I tested again and the website work normal. then the only issue will be the Edit with Elementor button how can I fix it? or I should make active/disable ESI as my working steps? thx! its kind of known issue between ESI and Elementor but even without that button , you can still go to wp-admin and edit your pages/posts from there.
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