Edit page always edits homepage

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Edit page always edits homepage

Ive tried disabling all other plugins apart from Litespeed Cache, Ive tried clearing the cache entirely, from the Toolbox and from the server. When I go to edit any page, Im taken to edit the page thats assigned as Home. Its only when I edit using the admin toolbar. There are no redirects, as the link when I hover on it is always to the page thats assigned as Home. Ive turned off all caching in the plugin, but it still happens. However, when I disable Litespeed Cache, it stops happening. Ive seen other people here had the same problem, but there is no information about a fix. elementor ? or wordpresss own edit button ? Wordpresss own edit button. BUT I think Ive figured it out. I switched off admin bar caching in Litespeed options and its working properly again. weird, cant reproduce on my test site I am guessing maybe theme related ? if you create a new subdir site , with default theme and LSCWP, does it also occur ?