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I am using Open Litespeed and my questions regarding the ESI functional and the other function that need enterprise. 1- the ESI, Cache Admin Bar, and Cache Comment Form are paid enterprise must be off because I am non paid user. do you think if I keep them on causes any issues? ( because it did) its very confusing that the option is available for us to put them on and off even while we are using the nonpaid version. unless something I am not aware of. I wonder: shouldnt be turned on or does it has some functional still 2- does ESI Woocommerce shouldnt be on because the ESI itself is off because of the ESI for nonpaid. does it need to be on or off? maybe the questions are obvious and newbie but I found some other people having those functions on while they are non-paid enterprise users. so sounds like a question to ask. thank you Something you dont have, you cant use, so it doesnt matter if ESI is ON or OFF, BUT if you have whatever function that needes ESI, this function will not work, if ESI is not available. This can also mean, that issues could happen. In my mind and I am on your side, ESI setting shouldnt be available, if OLS is the current webserver. Hi, if you are using OLS , ESI wont work at all , you will need to have LiteSpeed enterprise or QUIC cloud CDN for ESI subrequests. Best regards, thank you all
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