Doubt with server ip option in plugin

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Doubt with server ip option in plugin

Hello, recently I was reviewing the plugin options and I noticed that the detector shows me a very different IP than the one I have entered (it looks like a Mac address). I currently have the website hosted on hostinger and I use a Cloudflare CDN. In this option I put the internal IPv4 offered by the hostinger panel. In the description of it says that it detects the public ip, so the correct ip would not be the one offered by hostinger, the correct IP would be IPv6. I apologize if its too silly a question (the logical thing would be for it to be IPv4, the one offered by the hostinger panel) but the IP proposed by caused me a bit of insecurity. Thank you ! I mean the option that appears in general options The penultimate option Server IP when server has multiple IPs , the button may returns different IP than your actual one or expected IP in that case it is better to manually input the correct IPv4 address in the filed the server IP where your site is hosting on I understand, thank you very much for answering