Domain Key

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Domain Key

I cannot get the domain key, accessing has been replaced with my own) returns _res : ok ip whitelist has been added, report sent, report number is TDRHJXNH.Hopefully this will be resolved soon.Thanks. Hi, from the report , did you set your site domain to https://IP:8099 ? the doing callback , it will verify the cert , if you got self-signed cert, it wont work Best regards, So it says I have to pass the certificate checks to get the domain key, so do I set my website to http to get it, is the domain name a must? Or is it ok if I set it to IP as the domain name is not available yet. Also how do I check if I have set the site domain to https://IP:8099? Thanks. the domain is required , thats why it called domain key this wont work with IP address. you can check the WP site in WP setting -> general -> site URL and home URL Ok, thank you very much for your help, I will try again once the domain is available and come back with clarification if I still have problems. it seems you have opened a new topic , i will close this one then. Yes, sorry, I thought this thread was closed.