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Wordpress LScache Plugin: Domain Key

After changing it to a domain name, I still cant get the domain key and the access callback address returns _res : ok ,report sent, report number is MHTUTDXN.Hopefully this will be resolved soon.Thanks. Hello We got an error message about HTTPS 443 port when you request the domain key Could you use 443 for HTTPS port? litespeed tells me that only superuser ( root ) is allowed to use ports below 1024. Do I need to reinstall litespeed to enable the superuser ( root )? no? how did you set up the server ? when you configure the listener , you will have choice to set the HTTPS port , make it 443 I have changed the port to 443, what should I do next, reapply for a domain key? It seems that the application was successful, thanks very much for the patient answer and I will set this topic as resolved.
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