Does my crawler really work

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Does my crawler really work

Hi, I wonder about the actual functioning of my crawler? The sitemap contains 460 pages. What I do: I purge the cache I launch the crawler The crawler starts, stops without having gone to the end (25 pages sometimes, 140 pages sometimes, for example). Sometimes the crawler reaches 460 pages. In this case (full crawl): Test of the random pages (from another browser, not logged): At the bottom of the page I find date and hour which are the ones of THIS visit: I visit a few pages, then come back to the first page tested: Then at that time, the date and time of the cache will correspond to the first visit. OK. But I expected, from the first visit, to the date and time of the crawl ! Besides, I dont understand how the refresh map button works in the map tab: If I click this button, it empties the cache and prepares the sitemap for a next crawl, it doesnt give me the list of currently cached pages. Am I wrong somewhere ? Thanks in advance for any advice. My report number: ZYBEGLRZ The page I need help with: Hi, It seems to be ok now. purge and re-crawl? As for the button refresh map , I havent really understood yet. Best regards
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