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Wordpress LScache Plugin: Do not cache groups Object caching

Hi, Litespeed is great. Trying to understand object caching. What happens if I add post_meta and posts to the do not cache groups? I had to add those groups because I got some fatal errors with Memcached object caching: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /home/ They disappeared when I switched off object caching. Then I added posts and post_meta to the do not cache groups following the recommendation here: Seems to work. But I was wondering on what is getting cached and what not now that I have this setting. I think adding posts to do not cache measn that posts arent cached in the object caching. But images in those posts? Will they be cached or not cached when I add posts to the do not cache groups. And if not, what is the use of object caching when I exclude posts from it? Do you have Memcached installed? See also: I have Memcached installed and added add post_meta and posts to the do not cache groups. But keep getting notices in my debug log. So Im going to add users and user_meta. But Im trying to understand how it works? If adding posts to the do not cache groups means that memcached isnt used for posts, what is the use of enabling memcached at all? there was a rare issue between PHP extension and SASL , the post/post_meta object got changed during save/retrieve operation in this kind of case, suggest to use Redis as alternative if you want to keep cache post/post_meta group Host doesnt have Redis. Guess my question is as follow. If I do not object cache for for posts, post_meta, users and user_meta, does it have an added value to enable Memcached? Hi, I cant say , it depends how your site is , whats the object it generates the most
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