Divi email optin and Bloom not working with litespeed cache

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Divi email optin and Bloom not working with litespeed cache

Hello there, Ive got a problem since Ive activated litespeed cache on my website. All email optins doesnt work, I know this is because of litespeed cause as soon as I disable it, its working fine again. I saw there is already an old closed topic about that but I didnt really understood. Could you help me ? Thanks The page I need help with: https://jadelise.fr Hi, please specify what do you mean by email optin ? and how can I set it up in Divi ? I will try to reproduce the issue best regards, Hello Yes I meant the Bloom optin module ? The space where you can put your email adress to subscribe to the newsletter, you can have a look here in the footer : https://jadelise.fr. When litespeed cache is enabled, nothing happened when yoy subscribe and of course the adress is not sent to the email marketing plateform. Thanks for your help Hi, if you reset to default setting , will it work ? Hi. I have this problem as well. Divi has an email optin module (connecting to a MailChimp list). When this is cached with LiteSpeed it doesnt appear to work (I got a 4.8s waiting for server response and then nothing happened). If I clear the cache and try again I get a success message. Is it possible to exclude a particular module or the api connection action from the plugin? Thanks https://limeflower-wellbeing.co.uk/
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