Disable cache on login page

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Disable cache on login page

Hello, I am problem with login and logout. I need to do it twice. I am looking on internet where can be problem and problem is probably cache on login and my account page. How can I disable cache on these sites? My login page is popup windows. I have also problem with add to cart pop up window ? sometimes it does not show correctly. Sometimes it does not show and sometimes it shows only white page. How can I prevent it? Peter The page I need help with: http://pcdiely.sk well you cant if it is a login page is pop up window , it is the part of other not-login-page , so you can not easily or simply just uncache that part Thank you for answer. How can I solve this problem? please try enable ESI , then add woocommerce-login into ESI nonce list and purge all alternatively , set cache TTL to lower time like 8 hours to avoid nonce expiration Thank you for you reply. I am solved it another way. I am cleared list from LiteSpeed Cache / Cache / Cache / Force Cache URIs