Critical Memory Error

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Critical Memory Error

I get constantly this error and when I add more and more memory it takes a while and starts again: .013156 [NOTICE] [197725] [T0] [] [STDERR] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 1585446912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 440430592 bytes) in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 469 Hi, whats your memory limit now ? I have set it up to 5000MB which also doesnt help anymore. I had to disable the plugin now and even deinstalled it but right after installation the issues starts again. what if you just disable object cache ? I dont even get to that page anymore to disable it. Will try go to phpmyadmin -> wp_options , search for litespeed.conf.object row , set value to empty Doesnt work? I have to disable the entire plugin somehow via Plesk Ok could disable the entire Litespeed in order to get on the website again. Will check now to get it up without object cache on Works without object cache. I also emptied the entire lscache folder which seems extremely full. Still dont know where this memory issue comes from. The question that remains, how do I use Redis now if there immediately comes the out of memory message? Anybody an idea what I could do to use redis? /litespeed-cache/src/object-cache.cls.php on line 469 , from the source code this line is $res = $this->_conn->setEx( $key, $ttl, $data ) it just try to set a key with data , I dont think it will get a data with that huge size but please try dump out that $data when this error happens , see what value that is
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