Crawler no longer works on 5.0.1

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Crawler no longer works on 5.0.1

Hi, are there any braking changes in how crawler is implemented in LSCWP v5.x? Suddenly after the update my crawlers are dead, display - and wont start either automatically or manually. Hi, please do me a screeshot on crawler summary/status and also please provide the report number you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed Best regards, Hello, same here, when i start running it manual it doesnt work. it just refresh the page. i manually create map on my own, then hit the run again and it doesnt work report number: PJKMLSPG screenshot: Thank you. Reason: typo @CacheCrawler, report number BSPQUQFZ. Screenshot: Hello, It started working for me tho I havent done anything and after 20 mins it stopped working again Hello, Im on a shared hosting and with those settings on ss it started working like a charm. Even better and faster than v4.6 Thank you. @CacheCrawler, is there anything now on this matter? My crawler is still dead. BTW. why does this mean technically: Crawler Added realtime load detection before crawl. Was load detection changed in LSCWP 5.x and is no longer based on sys_getloadavg()? no , before v5.x , the load detection was not working at all , it will start no matter what load was are you having open_basedir that denies access to /proc/cpuinfo ? I cant see it in phpinfo on open_basedir directive, so I assume theres no access. Theres no access regardless of setting open_basedir on or off. Confirmed with hosting provider. Any ideas or workarounds?