Connection refused (Redis issue)

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Connection refused (Redis issue)

Ive been having a problem with lots of critical issues in the WP Dashboard and noticed that the error_log `is full of thousands of connection refused issues, e.g. [17-Feb-2022 15:49:28 UTC] Connection refused [17-Feb-2022 15:49:34 UTC] Connection refused [17-Feb-2022 15:51:19 UTC] Connection refused After Googling I found the support post at (and article at withthe same issue that suggests an issue with Redis cache when used with this plugin). My object cache is also showing connection failed. Im on a shared host so dont have access to the root to run any commands. I tried to run the Redis test file in the debug section but couldnt get it to run. I have disabled Object cache in the meantime. I raised a support ticket with my host asking if they could restart/reinstall the Redis service but they replied, Redis on the server is not something we start/restart it is installed on the server as a whole and accessed by each account that is needing it. You can stop using it via any method you have started using it by then start using it again. Since you are pointing to the issue with Litespeed cache, I would suggest contacting them as it is their caching system. We also use their webserver which is refusing the connection, according to the log you have provided. Any suggestions on what I can do or what I can say to my host? Thanks in anticipation. Report number: UPPCEFEP Hi, Does your provider provide you Redis ? if you create a php file with code