Conflict with Woocommerce

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Conflict with Woocommerce

Hello. I am having some issues with the Woocommerce cart which I am lead to believe is a conflict with litespeed. Basically, everytime a customer places an order (and completes checkout), their cart does not empty and all the items are still in the cart (even though the order has been placed). This leads customers to think their order has not gone through. This obviously should not be behaving like this and it is very frustrating for me and my customers, so if you have an idea of what could be causing this that would be great. Please find report no below. Report no: GFGWLHAA Hi, please check what is the HTTP response header you see after checkout while still showing cart item , you will need to look for x-litespeed-cache or x-litespeed-cache-control best regards,