Conflict v4.5.0.1 and Wordfence 7.5.8

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Conflict v4.5.0.1 and Wordfence 7.5.8

Hi there Just ran a load of updates on my site, and noticed that after the upgrade that I could no longer login using any of the login forms. After a lot of testing I found that the issue was a conflict between Litespeed Cache v4.5.0.1 and Wordfence 7.5.8. I rolled back to the previous version of the cache and I could login again. Just wanted to give you a heads up Hi, how exactly was cant login happens ? I imagine WD stops it ? did it show any reason for it ? best regards, Hi there No errors, just the login button didnt do anything. You could frantically click the login button but it does nothing ? will check my localhost to see if I can get an error message. Steph Hi, check if you have enabled localization , if so , disable and purge all Best regards,
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