Cant generate domain key. POST callback to /wp-json/litespeed/v1/token failed

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Cant generate domain key. POST callback to /wp-json/litespeed/v1/token failed

Hello, Im trying to generate a domain key, but facing the following error: There was a problem with retrieving your Domain Key. Please click the Waiting for Approval button to retry. There are two reasons why we might not be able to communicate with your domain:: 1) The POST callback to failed. 2) Our Current Online Server IPs was not whitelisted. Please verify that your other plugins are not blocking REST API calls, whitelist our server IPs, or contact your server admin for assistance.: What can cause this? The page I need help with: Hi, May I know what is your server environment ? is it shared hosting or your own server ? the issue here is CloudFlare proxy that alters the incoming IP so make it fail to authenticate Best regards, Thank you! Its an Ubuntu 20.04 vps. Any recommendation on solving the CF IP issue? Maybe a custom rule? True client IP on CF: This feature is only available to Enterprise users. So currently its impossible to generate a domain key with CF basic plan? no , I meant this Thanks! I added the IPs and gracefully restarted and still no good. Same error. When I curl, I get: code : rest_forbidden , message : Sorry, you are not allowed to do that. , data : status :401 But curl: ? Successfully brings up a JSON with all the endpoints. What should I check next? Tried again, and it worked! Thank you very much.