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Wordpress LScache Plugin: Caching problem

Hey Everyone, Were having a few issues with sites having issues with the CSS/Javascript going funky when using the Litespeed cache plugin we could send a website live and have no issues for weeks/days and then all of a sudden the CSS goes weird and breaks the site lay-out. Were using Litespeed cache plugin (WordPress) across all our sites and sometimes this happens randomly. Has anyone else come across this issue with their sites? The page I need help with: Hi, we apologize for the inconvenience there is a beta version that tries to address this issue if you would like to give it a try , please try toolbox -> beta test -> click dev then upgrade Best regards, Hey QTWRK, Thanks for your reply. How long has this been happening for? Has this been happening for years or? this was introduced in v5.3 before in v4.x or something , it happened before due to different cause, but for that old version this was fixed already
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