Cache clear / purge messages linger

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Cache clear / purge messages linger

Hi, I have 4 wordpress sites. We use litespeed cache on each one. Ive noticed that when I click on the Lite Speed Cache icon on the site side (when logged in, of course) that the purge / clear message remain in the dashboard until they are manually closed. For example, I usually click on the Icon and choose Purge All . Then in my admin dashboard, I see these messages: ? Queue cleared successfully. ? Purged all caches successfully. Which is good ? but they dont need to remain there forever. Is there a way to set a timer on how long those messages are displayed? Like 3 mins or 30 seconds or any other time we want? Please let me know. Thank you. The page I need help with: Thats strange, if its cleared, its cleared. I suppose once the messsage has appeared once, thats enough really. Else how would you know if it was cleared now or like a month ago? Just saying. Anyways I used to use it on my site Carson Matthews, until I scrapped WordPress. @carsmatt Well, the issue isnt that the message appear, its that they never go away. (Unless you manually X out of them.) I could clear the cache this morning, then log out and log back in this evening and theyll still be there ? in the admin dashboard. Hi, Perhaps you just need to update Litespeed Cache plugin. Try updating to V4.4.4 or higher. You can do so by going to Toolbox > Beta Testing > Use latest GitHub Dev commit. Then upgrade. If the issue persists, you can reply to this thread. Regards