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Wordpress LScache Plugin: Cache: Miss

My site always shows both x-litespeed-cache: miss and x-qc-cache: miss at first visit and second visit. By 3rd visit/refresh, it shows x-litespeed-cache: miss and x-qc-cache: hit. Why do I have 2 caches: x-litespeed-cache and x-qc-cache? Is it because I also use CDN? Are both of theses caches supposed to be hit at the same time? How can I make cache: hit at first visit? I enabled both Guest Mode and Guest Optimization but they dont affect cache status in anyway. I thought enabling them will make first visit cache hit. To replicate the issue, please also click posts (single posts), not just home page. Thank you Below is my Response Headers at first visit content-encoding: br content-type: text/html charset=UTF-8 date: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 07:44:47 GMT etag: 37171-1636530274 br link:
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