CSS, JS and HTML Minify does not work if URL is listed in Do Not Cache URIs

Wordpress LScache Plugin: CSS, JS and HTML Minify does not work if URL is listed in Do Not Cache URIs

After upgrading from 3.6.4 to 4.4.3 I have the issue of CSS, JS and HTML Minify does not work if URL is listed in Do Not Cache URIs I have several urls listed in Do Not Cache URIs The intention is that litespeed does minification of CSS/JS/HTML files in these urls but not cache the page, I need caching disabled in urls exclusive to LearnDash, but at the same time I need the minification of files. This functionality works perfectly up to version 3.6.4, but it stopped working in versions 4 onwards. Hi, Have you resolved the issue? Please try updating to v4.4.4 or higher. Can you confirm the files are being Minified? You may look at your /wp-content/litespeed directory. If so, you would see the files generated there. Regards Hi, yes , it is expected when a page is not to be cached, it wont be processed for optimization , as some of optm option could be time-consuming and for uncached page , each time that page loads , it will waste resources and time to do optimization if you have page that doesnt need to be cached and also needs to be optmed , you can go to Cache -> Cache -> force cache -> add /page-uri 1 this will cache page for 1 second , which is essentially same as no-cache , while makes it pass the optimization Best regards, Hello @CacheCrawler Thanks for the answer! I did the test here and it seems to work properly. Im just in doubt if I should use the updated plugin with this 1 second cache or if I keep the 3.6.4 plugin with delete url. The old one always worked well, my fear is the new process will make everything heavier. Hi, its actually the same process , except v3.6 just keep processing it by default , current way is more logical Best regards, @CacheCrawler thanks for the clarifications, but i still cant get out of version 3.6.4. The problem now is that when I run the purge, the minified CSS/JS version remains the same, example: In version 3.6.4: litespeed/cssjs/2736b.css?4edb8 after the purge changes litespeed/cssjs/2736b.css?5fec9 In version 4 and above: litespeed/cssjs/2736b.css?4edb8 after the purge it remains the same litespeed/cssjs/2736b.css?4edb8 I have not found any trigger that can change this behavior, without the final modified version my CDN (bunnyCDN) does not update the file. if you check the source code here https://github.com/litespeedtech/lscache_wp/blob/6308ca8dd6d74a44dc1e709d20bd5663ed336646/src/optimize.cls.php#L738 you will see the filename and query string are generated based on the content so if the content didnt change , nor the name/query will , because if the content is not changed, then there is no point to force browser to fetch it again. The html content of the page hasnt really changed, but the CSS/JS content has been modified by me and updated via FTP. Its a few lines of code of difference, but version 4 is not identifying the change. This does not happen with version 3.6.4 after the purge. then please create a ticket by mail to support at litespeedtech.com we will investigate further