CSS/JS Minification Enabled but is not working

Wordpress LScache Plugin: CSS/JS Minification Enabled but is not working

I have CSS/JS minification properly enabled in settings but none of the files are minified. I sent a report in toolbox > report > send to lightspeed If support needs the report #, I an provide otherwise please advise on how to properly activate CSS/JS minification. Note, it has worked before & currently works on my local development but as it stands now does not work on the live site. Compatible core & plugin is fine: Current version of wordpress ? 5.8.4 Current version of lightspeed plugin ? Thank you Hi, please enable the debug log and check what it says Best regards, Hi ? I went ahead and enabled debug.log I dont see any indication of errors, is there anything I should be looking for related to CSS/JS minification not working as it should. Note, everything on the site is working fine on the browser ? no console errors or any other issues besides the sites set of JS & CSS files not minifiying both in the header & footer. Please advise if theres anything I can take a look at at my end that would help fix the issue. Thank you Additional to note we are using bunny.net to host static files on a traditional CDN (not cloudflare) Do we also need to add the CDN to the CDN URL Mappings settings area & able the setting for CSS/JS to properly minify? This was not required in the past to enable minification ? I am curious if there are any changes to the plugin. Please advise if the above is necessary also to get minification to work. Thank you please share the debug log first Can I send via private message, due to security reasons. Thank you Hi, you can send it to support at litespeedtech.com , with reference link to this topic
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