CDN and Hard Refresh Breaks Website

Wordpress LScache Plugin: CDN and Hard Refresh Breaks Website

Report number: BYRWLQAJ Report date: 06/16/2022 22:04:18 When I turn Off bypass-mode and go to my website some of the pages say pending and dont load. If they happen to load after a long time and I hard refresh/reload CTRL+SHIFT+R the issue repeats. Hosting providers states IPs are whitelisted as others on the shared server are using it? I have try shutting off- modsec, increasing PHP memory, put notimeout in the htaccess, reset the domain on, disabled all my plugins (as of now so theme will look funny). The page I need help with: I tried with direct connection to your origin with LSCWP bypassed , it still doesnt load properly please try fully bypass CDN and also disable the LSCWP , see how it behaves first , to narrow down where is the issue or where is not the issue. @CacheCrawler This is probably because I had plugins disabled that were required for CSS I shut them all off to narrow it down. They are turn back on now so sight should load if it were working. You can try to bypass again, It does work great fully bypass CDN, no need to disable LSCWP. try a purge all , I can see if I bypass the cache and forced into a new entry , it works please try if this still happens after purge all , and if so , how long does it take to happen ? instantly ? @CacheCrawler, Yes tried purge all. If purge all it does happen instantly. After a week of troubleshooting my host moved me to a new server and the problem seems to be gone now. Sounds like something was amiss on their end. I want to thank you for attempting to help. I wish I could close this message with a solution, but in this case it was something with the server.
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