CDN Mapping incorrect URL

Wordpress LScache Plugin: CDN Mapping incorrect URL

I want to deliver js and CSS files through Cloudflare r2 storage CDN with subdomain. Origian url: // CDN url: The problem is i hosted my files directly in root directory. Suppose. But after enabling mapping on Litespeed plugin. It converts to From To But I dont want to add folders like wp-includes/js/jquery I want like Without any folder. Because I can host files only without making folders on Cloudflare r2 storage. Please give solution to remove folder names from the CDN Mapping URLs. Thank you. The page I need help with: if all of your files are in the root dir , then I think this is not possible with LSCWP it just replaces the URL , which it requires certain structure , if all files are within root path / , then there is no pattern for plugin to replace
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