Broken Menus, Slider and Font

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Broken Menus, Slider and Font

Hi I just recently began using Litespeed, and I love that it works to improve my gtmetrix score greatly. I am however having huge problems with it breaking certain parts of my site. My site was working properly for the last 3 days, but today suddenly, My menus are broken, Image slider is broken, and Font is broken. From what I could find turning off CSS Minify and JS Minify should be able to narrow down what plugin is causing issue, but when I do that nothing happens, the site is still broken. Funny thing is if I append /?LSCWP_CTRL=before_optm to my url my site works perfectly fine. Any help trying to get Litespeed working would be greatly appreciated. The page I need help with: Hi, this probably means some option caused trouble , please try to find/narrow down which option(s) maybe not JS/CSS minify but something else and please do remember each time after you made change in setting, you need to purge all to take effect. Best regards,
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