Both x-litespeed-cache: miss and x-qc-cache: miss

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Both x-litespeed-cache: miss and x-qc-cache: miss

My site always shows both x-litespeed-cache: miss and x-qc-cache: miss at first visit and second visit. By 3rd visit/refresh, it shows x-litespeed-cache: miss and x-qc-cache: hit. Why do I have 2 caches: x-litespeed-cache and x-qc-cache? Is it because I also use CDN? Are both of theses caches supposed to be hit at the same time? How can I make cache: hit at first visit? I enabled both Guest Mode and Guest Optimization but they dont affect cache status in anyway. I thought enabling them will make first visit cache hit. To replicate the issue, please also click posts (single posts), not just home page. Thank you Note: I already posted this question, but WordPress marked it as spam after I edit misspelling, so I post again. Below is my Response Headers at first visit content-encoding: br content-type: text/html charset=UTF-8 date: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 07:44:47 GMT etag: 37171-1636530274 br link: cache is on QC node 3) you can use crawler , since you are using CDN, then you will also need to go plugins General -> Server IP , set your origin server IP there , so the crawler will crawl on your origin to result on your origin and ready for all QC nodes to fetch Best regards, Hi qtwrk, Thanks for explaining the two caches. I just put my origin server IP in plugins General-> Server IP. Looks like crawler is not enabled on my server. It says The crawler feature is not enabled on the LiteSpeed server. Please consult your server admin or hosting provider. I contacted my hosting provider and still waiting for their answer. Will update here whether or not they enable. While waiting, please enlighten me on crawler and guest mode. Suppose crawler is enabled, do I still need to enable guest mode to make first visit cached (cache: hit)? Thank you very much for helping Hi, yes, guest mode should be enabled whenever possible Best regards,