Big size /home/mywebsite/lscache/priv/

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Big size /home/mywebsite/lscache/priv/

What is inside /home/mywebsite/lscache/priv/ brothers ? This folder is always aroudn 10 GB The page I need help with: This is the directory for private cache. The name of the directory already says it?. @CacheCrawler ofcourse bro, that why im asking at this plugin support section. The straight question is: what litespeeds setting creat this big files? So i can turn off that function and save space Hi, it should be cache login user and/or also ESI Best regards, @neversaynever504 You should have worded the question differently, then I could have given you the right answer from @CacheCrawler right away. It stands to reason that the large amount of data is caused by private cache and ESI. However, 10 GB is already a lot of data that cannot be directly explained by the private cache and ESI alone. It is therefore just as obvious that you must have manually purged the cache very frequently over a longer period of time, because this manual purging does not automatically delete the cache files from the web server. At least that is my knowledge. Since I dont think you will disable the logged-in user cache and ESI features, I would recommend deleting the contents, not the directory, of /lscache. You can do that safely.
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