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Wordpress LScache Plugin: Beware of payment: scam

I installed Litespeed cache and not being completely satisfied with the results, tried to sign up for to get the critical css. I bought 20 usd of credit in 2 times with my credit card. Fortunately for me, my bank allows me to freeze the card. The first payment was in the name of David Williams Cpa Accoun, the 2nd in the name of Then there were 2 other attempts to withdraw 20 usd which were fortunately refused because the card was freezed! the two new withdrawals were for David Williams Cpa Accoun. And then there was another and final withdrawal attempt for Grab, which I do not use and have never made a payment for! I know that here we have to talk only about the free plugin, but I hope that the message will remain to protect the users. If I had not been able to freeze my card, they could have debited my entire account! And this morning, while trying to look at my account, I cant access the site, I have the message : timeout expired . This topic was modified 2 months ago by Pierre236. This topic was modified 2 months ago by Pierre236. Hi, I am sorry to hear this I have no idea what is this David Williams Cpa Accoun and please note that the payment was processed by Braintree or PayPal , not by us. for security purpose as well as PCI Compliance , the CVV directly goes to payment gateway , it doesnt go to our system , which make it technically IMPOSSIBLE for us to withdraw money from your account without CVV. ref: I hope I have explain it, in a technical way , this is NOT something we can do and yes , yesterday the dashboard server was having some issue and caused downtime , but it was fixed already Best regards, Hello, Have you contacted Braintree to let them know about this problem? You say you dont know David Williams Cpa Accoun but the 1st payment to this name allowed me to have 25 000 credits, the 2nd payment for too, I find myself with 50 000 credits that I will not use, because I finally decided not to use the critical css after display problems. I fortunately did not lose any money, but it can be very dangerous for your customers! Hi, our staff did find 2 transaction , we will contact Braintree for this incident , meanwhile , wed also like to ask you create a ticket or join our Slack (you can reach me by @CacheCrawler in Slack) for further follow up on this Best regards, Hi, I can connect to the site, but when I go to create a ticket, I am asked again for my email and password and when the same identifiers are put in, I am told that my identifiers are incorrect! I have a lot of work to do, so I just wanted to send you a screen shot of the withdrawal attempts that occurred after my order. Anyway, I hope you will find the source of the problem to prevent your future customers from being scammed. Hi, the support ticket is using different account system than dashboard, so please create a new account there , or you can simply mail to support at with reference link to this topic Best regards,