Auto-Purge isnt working on my website

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Auto-Purge isnt working on my website

After WordPress updated 18 hours ago, my website broke. I just logged in and selected Purge All, and now its working fine. I have Purge All On Upgrade turned on, so Im confused why I need to manually do this each time. I almost lost a customer because of this, so any help is greatly appreciated. The page I need help with: Hi, May I know how exactly was the wordpress update triggered ? like you were at wp-admin and click update ? or its automated or something ? best regards, The WordPress update triggered automatically, causing the website to break until I logged in 18 hours later and purged all of the cache. okay , its automated , but how was it triggered ? I mean if you have set up a wp cron or something ? I dont think I have any plugins installed to trigger updates, unless one is doing it that I dont realize. In WP-Admin, theres just an Updates tab under the Home tab (on the left menu bar). When I go to Updates, theres a link at the top of the page that says: Enable automatic updates for all new versions of WordPress. I just now changed it, however (in hopes of avoiding any future website breaks), to: This site is automatically kept up to date with maintenance and security releases of WordPress only. This is the only area where I enabled automatic WordPress updates. thanks for the info that will use wp-cron , I assume you did not specifically create any system cron job for wp cron , right ? You are correct. I havent created any system cron job for wp cron. (I honestly dont even know how to do that.) Update: I just experienced this today without any update. My website was working fine yesterday, but was broken today until I logged in to manually clear the cache. It appears the auto purge just isnt working on it for some reason. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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