Amazon Native Ads Issue

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Amazon Native Ads Issue

Hi, I have a product review site called I use Amazons affiliate program on it to monetize it. Until recently I had an Amazon Native ad I created showing up on my site. However, recently the ad has stopped working at all. I use Ad Inserter to insert the code and the plugin looks like its working fine. I did look up this topic already and found someone else having the same issue almost a year ago. The solution they were given was to put amzn_assoc amazon-adsystem into one of the exclude sections. It didnt list which one so I put the code in both sections. However, the ads are still not working. Is there any setting inside of the litespeed cache plugin that might interfere with the use of Amazon native ads? The page I need help with: Also just to note I mispelled the name of the site in the link, but it is spelled correctly in the paragraphs as the issue is not your site ? amazon has been having an issue with this for 4 days now and if you contact amazon associates support they are working on it they have global wide expired certs issues Oh, ok. Thanks for telling me. Hi is there still an issue with this? I am unable to get the amazon native ad code to display anything on my site. Thanks. Actually no. My ads started working again not too long after I posted about this problem. Are you still having issues? I use the plugin Ad Inserter to insert my Amazon native ads. Also, I dont know if it helped or not for me, but have you tried the solution I pointed out in the first comment? The problem is NOT wordpress or you plugin ? the problem was amazon their entire ad system crashed and they built from scratch ? its all working OK now ? Good luck I am still not able to insert native ads with the javascript code as of today. I did see someone say, in another forum, that they use Ad Inserter, so I will try that.