Alt attribute for images is missing ? Litespeed avatar

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Alt attribute for images is missing ? Litespeed avatar

Hello team, Hope you are doing well. My search console is giving a SEO issue > Alt attribute for image is missing. Could you please tell me how, or where I can add an Alt attribute for the Litespeed avatar? This is the avatar that comes up in my search console: This image is not shown in the media library, therefore I do not know how to add the Alt attribute. Looking forward to your response. Best regards, Victor307 please provide the report number you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed Thanks for your reply @CacheCrawler , the report number is: UAQZMNFB. on what pages it contains this ? I assume need to be login user ? This image is used, in my case, for customers who give a product review. Its used on all the product-pages where the product has been given a customer review. But I think it will also be used when somebody gives a comment to a blog-post, and indeed maybe also when logged in to account, but not uploaded a profile image. So then this image is used automatically. In Litespeed plugin > Page optimalisation > [6 Localisation] it is called Gravatar , I think.
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