Ajax loading work only purge

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Ajax loading work only purge

I looked through all the threads with this problem but couldnt resolve it. Im using the Newspaper theme. I have ajax loading posts on the homepage. Loading the more articles only works when I clear everything manually (Purge All or CSS/JS). Things screw up again after 2-3 hours and I have to clean manually again. Also included is a date with minutes when the topic was posted on my website. And it only works when cleaning everything, not after refresh the site. I turned off CSS and JS Combine, because with the option turned on, the boot does not work at all, even after cleaning. What to do? Report number: KXKXHVVW This topic was modified 2 months, 3 weeks ago by forted. The page I need help with: https://orthopedy.bg this sounds like a nonce issue please contact the theme author and kindly ask whats the nonce name it used to load post via ajax , and where it is stored in front i read the css/JS troubleshooting article and from the browser by inspecting that js is reached. https://orthopedy.bg/wp-content/plugins/td-cloud-library/assets/js/js_posts_autoload.min.js?ver=4173294bcf58591c4439ff8ccd792f1ex try exclude above file from JS optimization and JS defer then enable ESI, add tdb_ into the ESI nonce field, purge all