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Wordpress LScache Plugin: Admin ? HTTP 500

I just enabled LiteSpeed plugin and I cant access admin pages! I cant figure out how to disable this either. Ive removed the .htaccess changes. The page isnt working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 Ok, I tried the rename the plugins directory method and now Im getting 500 for all pages, even when I renamed the plugins directory back! Hi @laurin1 If you are able to access the file system, are there any error_log files in the admin directory? Thanks, Kevin Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you My wp-config.php file was all jacked up (had serious syntax errors). How could a plugin do that??? Glad to hear that you were able to resolve it. Its possible that there were some writes to the file that may have re-ordered it? What did you see that was changed? Our plugin does the following: 1. If the WP_CACHE define is already set, do not change anything. 2. If the wp-config file is not writable, return an error. 3. If there is a define WP_CACHE false, set it to true. 4. If (3) does not exist, Look for table_prefix and add a define before that. 5. If (4) does not exist, try to add to the start of the file after
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