70 duplicate CSS files created

Wordpress LScache Plugin: 70 duplicate CSS files created

Hi ? I have just run a site crawl and found that there are 71 duplicate css files with URLs in this format: https://thecasinoheat.ca/wp-content/litespeed/cssjs/54b60.css?69df1 Can I purge / delete these duplicate CSS files and is there a way to stop LS plug in from creating them if they are unnecessary? Thanks, Mark The page I need help with: https://thecasinoheat.ca/wp-content/litespeed/cssjs/ded47.css?530d3 Hi, did you enable combine external/inline CSS ? Yes, we have that set to ON . then it means they are not duplicated , they should at least have some minor difference , even just one letter , please check this page
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