1.4.37 + CyberPanel

Wordpress LScache Plugin: 1.4.37 + CyberPanel

Hey guys, There is an issue with HTTP/2 PUSH and 1.4.37, at least for me. I did try to reproduce it, so Ive installed fresh CentOS + CyberPanel + 1.4.37 Default theme of wordpress, only LS Cache installed. When i turn on css/js minify and combine, all minified files are 404 when inspecting, possibly permission issue on CentOS, not sure tho. But when HTTP/2 PUSH is on, after few quick F5 to measure load times, the site is just hanging/freezing for 15-30+ sec. On 1.4.36 this issue doesnt exist. Upgrading ols to 1.5 RC4 solve the issue.