.webp images stop being served

Wordpress LScache Plugin: .webp images stop being served

Hello, after installing and enabling LiteSpeed plugin in my site web none .webp file are served. All .webp files were converted via Imagify plugin. And my Theme has its own system to server .webp images, and imagify if any image is served by any other plugin, imagify serves this .webp images. But now, none .webp are served. This occurs not only in 1 website, this occurs in all of the WordPress sites where i installed LiteSpeed plugin. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks The page I need help with: https://www.lagaviotaiap.org/ Hi, Because LSCWP has its own webp replacement system and which may or may not work with 3rd party webp replacement. How does your theme detect and serve webp files ? Best regards, Hello @CacheCrawler So this means that all .webp images i already created are no longer useful and I must necessarily use the services of quic.cloud? Regards. Hi, not necessarily, thats what I am trying to figure out and help you out I need to know how your theme detects and serve webp , so I might be able to figure out a solution for you. Best regards, Hi! Thanks you for your response. I really dont know how does YOOTheme Pro 2 (https://yootheme.com/page-builder) serves .webp images. Must of the images in all of my sites are converted with Imagify plugin https://imagify.io/ because YOOTheme doesnt server webp images if they arent created with the theme itself. So thats why i use Imagify. If you wish i can grant you admin access to a site so you can check it. Regards Hi, Try enable webp replacement in LSCWP setting , it will create 2 varies , 1 for webp , 1 for non-webp , maybe helpful. Best regards, Hi! for a really strange reason, from nothing .webp images started showing again. Anyway im going to keep enalbed LSCWP webp replacement in my sites. Thanks Hi, Its probably because cache plugin starts to vary pages based on accept header Best regards,