.webp files dont show when using Ajax load

Wordpress LScache Plugin: .webp files dont show when using Ajax load

My page can show up .webp files. But new images after loading by ajax still appear in .png format, not .webp. Please take a look at given link, scroll down and click on blue button labeled: T?I TH?M M?U You will see it will load more images without .webp format. How can I fix this issue? The page I need help with: https://aothun.net/xem-mau/dong-phuc-bao-ho-lao-dong-tay-dai-cong-nhan-vinfast/ Hi @mrhuynhanh, to get the WEBP replacement automatically, you need to use wp_get_attachment_image_src hook for getting the image source. You may need to fine-tune the ajax response manually in your situation.