.webp Images

Wordpress LScache Plugin: .webp Images

Hi, Not sure what Im doing wrong here, or even if Im doing anything wrong, but I cannot get .webp images to show up. The images in my site identity are fine, logos all sent via .webp. However Ive just placed a little slider on my website and none of the images are showing as .webp. Ive got optimise webp versions and image webp replacement both turned on in the settings, and Ive also enabled webp for extra scrset ? should that be enabled or disabled? Also, theres a list of 5 items under webp attribute to replace ? should I be adding images in there? Whew, this is nigh on impossible to work out so please explain what needs doing before I rip all the media settings out and replace it with Short Pixel. The page I need help with: https://www.nottinghamescorts.vip/ Just an afterthought on this issue: Im building the website with Elementor page builder. Does LSC work with page builders? Hi, Currently LSCWP can only do webp replacement on HTML code , if image is inserted/loaded by CSS/JS code , then LSCWP wont replace it. This is still on our to-do improvement list. Best regards,