#login url popup problem

Wordpress LScache Plugin: #login url popup problem

Hi, My web site use login popup. Activating lscache. When I log in via login popup, either the same page is reopened or the page stays white. Popup address: https://www.domain.com/#login We use theme in: https://ghostpool.com/help/socialize/help.html#4223 Iam add: Do Not Cache URIs: ^#login$ ^/#login$ ^wp-login.php$ ^/wp-login.php$ Do Not Cache Query Strings: # #login /#login login After logging in through Popup, the page is reloaded and the popup screen comes back up. Hi @miranet, normally caching will not affect the pop-up function, did you turn on any JS combine/minify features? If you are not sure about this, please provide?your Report Number, found in?WP Admin > LiteSpeed Cache > Report. Hi @stanleylitespeed , Dont use js and css cache. My report: LiteSpeed Report Number Report number: DPWKYAOT Report date: 04/15/2019 08:32:13 This issue occurs when you open the Cache PHP Resources . Could you please join our Slack channel or submit a ticket here for helping us to reproduce the bug, thanks!