.litespeed_flag file

Wordpress LScache Plugin: .litespeed_flag file

Hi, I found the .litespeed_flag file in my public_html folder, and it contains this text: This file was created by LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager When this file exists, your LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress will NOT be affected by Mass Enable/Disable operations performed through LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager. Please DO NOT ATTEMPT to remove this file unless you understand the above. Is there any problem? I set the wp-config.php folder permissions to 400. Thank you This topic was modified 1 year, 4 months ago by Mushlih Almubarak. The page I need help with: https://mutiaradakwah.com Hi, on hosting provider side , we have a tool to massively enable LiteSpeed Cache on hosted sites this flag is to tell provider that do not attempt to install or uninstall the LiteSpeed Cache on your site Best regards, Bassically, is litespeed enabled on my site correctly? yes Thank you