.htaccess_lscachebak files

Wordpress LScache Plugin: .htaccess_lscachebak files

Hi, .htaccess_lscachebak_01 .htaccess_lscachebak_02 .htaccess_lscachebak_orig would it be a problem to delete the files? Hi, Its just backup files for previous setting , so if your site is running fine , then its OK to remove them. Best regards, Thank you Hi, Will it reproduce? Does it affect site speed? Best regards Hi, When you make some change in setting that will change .htaccess file , it will create backup for safety. No , this has nothing to do with site speed. Best regards, Hi, As far as I understand, wiping does not provide any benefit. Best regards Hi, Yes , thats what I meant has nothing to do with speed Best regards, Thank you.. Hi, Glad to be help, Would you like to leave us a review? Your feedback and support makes LSCWP better Best regards,